Watch Ben Forta speak about ColdFusion Builder at CFUG-NL

25 03 2010

Thanks to Kjeld Kahn you can now watch Ben Forta’s presentation about ColdFusion Builder, at the Ducth ColdFusion User Group on March 10, 2010 in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

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3 responses

25 03 2010


Thanx, het was idd een fijne presentatie met veel feedback mogelijkheden en veel “aan-de-tand” voelen, ook mbt. Railo.

OffTopic: WordPress blog? Hmmm, er zijn goede CF-alternatieven, zoals BlogCFC en Mango en andere kleinere CMS’en. Maar, anything that works for you I guess ;-)

26 03 2010

Nice, watching it right now. The meeting was increadibly funny and informative as well. :)

One thing though: the player is somewhat buggy – if you pause and play, the stream fails to play to the end – and it lacks a seek feature. You think it’s possible to just put a file online? Or maybe upload it to YouTube or Vimeo?


26 03 2010

Strange… I can pause and play, or seek, without any problems. Maybe you could try CTRL+F5 to refresh and purge cache?

Or you can download the .flv file from if you prefer.

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