A new job!

3 03 2009

Just a quick post to let everybody know that I have a new job. Starting April 1st, I will be working as senior web developer at Kapaza! Kapaza! is the leading classifieds site in Belgium. With over 200.000 unique visitors each day, the scale of this site is definitely going to offer new challenges. I am thrilled to join a highly technical work environment where I can be a hardcore software developer. I cannot wait to dive in!

Of course I am also leaving a wonderful employer. Being a member of the R&D team of Orga-Toolkit was my first bonafide job. I witnessed the company grow from two (my boss and me) to currently thirteen workers. In many aspects, the past four and a half years have been a rollercoaster. I feel incredibly lucky to have had so much opportunity for experimentation, for the chance to learn so many new things, and – most importantly – for the privilige to work with one of the most enthousiastic, talented and wonderfully joyful set of people I’ve ever come across. You will not be forgotten!

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26 05 2009

Hi Martijn,

I saw Kapaza! looking for CF-talent this Spring and wanted to check them out. Looked like a promising and fun job. Hope you’ll share your experience!

For me Onlinebase is growing and growing – we’re just the two of us right now, with lots to do. Coldfusion hans’t been more alive than it is today!

Groetjes uit Werkhoven ;-)

31 05 2009

Hi Sebastiaan,

Good to hear your business is flourishing. It is true: ColdFusion developers are in high demand in the Netherlands, so to anyone who is considering learning CFML: job oppertunities are very good here!

Will post my first experiences with Kapaza! soon here. They involve more Java than ColdFusion so far, but I think they will be relevant for CF developers.

12 02 2010
Onur Polat

Hi Martijn,
Good luck for your job :)

13 02 2010

Hi Martijn, did you by any change work with Rainer Schreiber? He’s an old colleague if mine from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Work. Today he’s running his own business and working with me on a project. The CF-world is rather small, right?

13 02 2010

Yes I worked with Rainer at Kapaza! He told me he was working on a new project, but had not yet connected the dots and figured out he was working with you. Then again I think he mentioned Werkhoven on Twitter, so I guess it could have been no-one else right? ;)

Hope you going to have a lot of fun on your project. Are you planning on coming to the next CFUGNL meeting by the way? I will be doing a presentation and live demo there, on build automation with Ant.

14 02 2010

Guess I’ll C U there ;-)

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